Schleese Obrigado

Seat Size: 18

Tree Width: W

Adjustable by Fitter


Additional Details

The “Obrigado” dressage saddle allows every rider to feel the breathing of the horse, with the horse moving as freely as if he were not under saddle. The Obrigado saddle provides several unique features benefiting horse and rider – several current and former Olympians who are now using the Obrigado on their horses have said that the saddle is so soft and the seat so deep that it makes them feel like they are one with their horses. Built on a modified AdapTree®, the Obrigado saddle offers the most extreme shoulder freedom for the horse, with the softest seat in the dressage industry. Available in a standard mono flap, many innovative options truly personalize this saddle for both horse and rider. Obrigado means ‘thank you’ in Portuguese. It was developed together with the head trainer of the Lusitano Association in Sao Paulo Brazil. He came up with the name because he actually felt his horses were saying ‘thank you’ for being afforded such freedom of movement. This saddle will allow you to get so close to your horse that you can actually feel him breathe. It has become the saddle of choice for riders of all levels and has been proven especially effective for the ‘baroque-style’ horses.

This saddle is in excellent condition. Maintained by saddle fitters, this 2017 model is built on the 2 panel, great for short backed horses.

$4000 shipped within the contiguous US