I D Limited Avanti

Seat Size: 18

Tree Width: MW

Fixed Tree


Additional Details

Avanti Saddle. Made by Adam Ellis for ID Limited.

Beautiful and classical designed, deep seated dressage saddle, designed to promote a close contact feel, with seats at the centre point of gravity. This saddle is styled to provide a traditional designed dressage saddle, offering a high quality handcrafted saddle made by Great British saddle makers Adam Ellis Saddles.

Designed to offer a more classical and traditional design of dressage saddle
Designed for riders who desire quality, traditional and classical style of dressage saddle
High quality leathers, in a range of finishes and options of individualisation
Built in large knee roll, which offers riders stability and promotes correct rider position
Triple padded seat
Handcrafted saddle, using the highest grade leathers and materials
Y system girthing
Lambs wool flocking
Dual flap
Designed to maximise shoulder movement
Designed to avoid pressure points

This saddle is brand new! Grab it at only $2750 shipped within the contiguous US. Best fits a horse with a wither.