Harry Dabbs Future Jump

Seat Size: 18

Tree Width: MW

Adjustable by Fitter


Additional Details

After extensive research and consultation with SMS qualified saddle fitters, physiotherapists and a variety of equestrian establishments involving various disciplines, our design team have developed a new panel and flap concept. The Future saddle has been 2 years in the making and we believe this saddle will enable riders to push their boundaries – jump higher, gallop faster, perform better. The revolutionary new design of the Future saddle will increase freedom of movement of the horse’s shoulder as it rotates; this will enable the horse to lengthen its stride with minimal interference from the saddle. Traditionally, the cut (leg) of the panel used on most Jump, GP’s and Event saddles follows the line of the top flap however; the panel at the front of the Future saddle has been cut away so that it can sit comfortably behind the shoulder enabling the horse to move freely. This concept has been tried before and failed due to the front flap (knee roll) collapsing where the supporting panel had been removed. The Future Saddle overcomes this by reinforcing the flap with a stiff plastic at the front that prevents the flap collapsing.

This will not affect the rider as the design of the flap has remained largely unchanged; this is possible because we have reinforced the flap at the front to provide essential balance and stability for the rider’s leg. The reinforced section of the flap will also prevent it from collapsing against the horse’s shoulder and interfering with movement. To accommodate the growing number of taller riders with a longer ‘hip to heel’ measurement we have increased the length of the flap.

This saddle has been sitting after its owner passed away. It was lightly used and with some conditioning, will make someone a perfect hunt saddle. Wool flocked panels and tree is adjustable in a press.

$2200 includes shipping within the US