Adam Ellis Sirenna

Seat Size: 18

Tree Width: MW

Adjustable by Fitter


Additional Details

The Sirenna Dressage Saddle
Handcrafted saddle, with a discreet modern feel and look.
Designed to promote communication between horse and rider.
Designed to place the rider in the central point of gravity.
Equal weight distribution to minimise pressure on the horses back.
Offers riders stability and security due to the design, shape and made to measure sizing of the saddle flaps and knee rolls.
Made using the highest grade leathers and materials by qualified society of master saddlers from Adam Ellis Saddles.
Finest quality English leathers and piping.
Mono flap design.
Designed to promote freer shoulder movement.
Y girthing system.
Designed to promote centre point of gravity for riders.
Integral soft padded knee rolls, designed to the size and depth of the rider.
Deep, soft, triple padded seat, designed to the specific preferences of each rider.
Designed to avoid pressure points.
Lambswool flocked panels, with optional gusset depths to ensure level rider position.
Wooden spring tree.

This saddle is brand new! Monoflap, adjustable tree by knowledgeable fitter and wool flocked. Great for broad, straight backed horses. Although it’s stamped 18, it actually measures larger, please see the photo.

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