Borné Olympia

Seat Size: 18.5

Tree Width: W

Adjustable by Fitter


Additional Details

Borné Saddlery, LLC specializes in fitting *Bespoke English Saddles to accommodate both horse and rider, achieving peak performance for today’s equestrian athlete.

As the equine sport becomes more refined, and breeding evolves producing an increasing variety of conformational shapes, Borné remains on the cutting edge of tree and panel design to meet today’s need for a wider range of saddle choices. For this reason, Borné is unique in that the emphasis is on the tree as the foundation from which everything flows.

This saddle has been well loved. The leather needs conditioning, but the tree is sound and the balance is great. Flocked panels are soft and channel is generous. Tree is also adjustable by fitter!

$2800 shipped within the contiguous US