Ideal Roella

Seat Size: 17.5

Tree Width: MW

Changeable Gullet Plates


Additional Details

The Roella is the same design as the Suzannah 1650 but with a narrower twist to suit the more petite rider and/or the finer horse.
The Suzannah is a triumph of saddle design and is Ideal’s top selling saddle, followed closely by the Roella. The Suzannah reflects a tree change in design. It was developed in response to the demands of well muscled competition horses. The Suzannah has bigger, broader panels and gussets, a wider twist and softer flock. It is an excellent example of the move away from the traditional “close contact” and is a very forgiving fit. The saddle is supremely comfortable to sit in and encourages a good rider position. The horse is freer and goes better than in a traditional close contact and “you do get close” says Ian from Minster, the saddle drops and moulds.

This model is in excellent condition and is rare to find on the used market. Dual flat , wool flocked, generous channel, adjustable tree by knowledgeable fitter, and wither gussets. It best suits a horse with wither, flat back. Also great for a horse with a shorter back! This saddle also features a drop panel, perfect for the horse that needs a little more support in the wither area.

$2200 includes shipping within the contiguous US.