Hennig Jump

Seat Size: 17.5

Tree Width: M

Adjustable by Fitter


Additional Details


Seat measures 17.5″ flaps measure 13″ bar to bottom and 14″ across (long/forward flaps) the front gullet measures 4″-Medium (adjustable tree)
This is a very rare saddle to find used. It is first one we have come across at all!Saddle is brown in color and perfect for the hunt ring with the square cantle. It has a unique feature where the back blocks come up through the flaps almost making it like a close contact monoflap saddle even though you can lift the flaps. It is an older model but in perfect condition. There are no tears, no loose stitching and no cracking. If you have been on the lookout for this saddle you will want to grab it because we may not get another in for a long time. The Hennig saddles have a cut back head and they are great if your horse has a big wither because it helps clear that area.

$2500 shipped within the contiguous US