Cuomo Pelle

Seat Size: 17.5

Tree Width: W

Adjustable by Fitter


Additional Details

The CUOMO saddles are beautifully hand-made in the UK. They are specifically built to work around the horses scapula and improve comfort through the horses whole back. Using the technology that we have invested in we have been able to test the pressure under each model and assess how the saddles work with horses and riders in motion. We can very confidently say that we see improved symmetry in the horses pelvis from a change of saddle to a CUOMO tree. Working closely with our professional riders we have seen improved lateral work, flying changes and improved jumping technique.

This saddle is a demo!!! Perfect for the flat backed horse that needs more room in the shoulders. Wool flocked panels, generous channel, and adjustable tree in press. Every single person who has ridden in these loves them!!

Only $2750 shipped within the contiguous US