Black Country Dante

Seat Size: 17.5

Tree Width: MW

Adjustable by Fitter


Additional Details

The Dante Jump Saddle provides a luxurious saddle that is designed for maximum performance.

This innovative saddle has a close contact design which allows the rider to feel closer to the horse improving the communication between horse and rider.

Incorporating a narrow twist, the Dante Jump enables the rider to sit closer to the horse’s back while the squared cantle design gives a stylish finish and slimmer appearance which really makes this saddle stand out from the crowd.

The saddle has been developed by skilled craftsman following extensive research to provide the show jumping rider with all the technological advances available today. In doing this, the Dante Jump saddle enhances the rider’s position and contributes to maximising their effect.
Standard size knee blocks mean that riders are not restricted and are able to adjust their position when necessary. The high-spec quality of the saddle is enriched through the use of calf skin covered leather, giving a deluxe feel and appearance.

This saddle is in excellent condition. It does have a slight divot in the foam of the seat. This is purely cosmetic and will be covered by the rider. It appears black in the photos, but it’s more of a very dark brown. Wool flocked, the Dante tree can be adjusted by knowledgeable fitter. Best fits a large shouldered horse with a flat back.

Priced at only $2850 for a quick sale. Shipping included within the contiguous US