Albion Platinum

Seat Size: 17.5

Tree Width: M

Adjustable by Fitter


Additional Details

This 2015 saddle has been so well taken care of! Great for a horse with a flat back and wither, this saddle has ultra soft leather, wide channel, wither gussets and soft flocking.

Built on Genesis Tri-Form tree with interchangeable head fittings for the changing horse (Changes must be done by a professional saddle fitter.)
Calfskin seat and panels; full-grain, smooth leather skirts and flaps

Slightly flatter seat profile compared to standard SLK. Large, supportive, non-molded knee rolls, switch-panel system allows easy exchange for the changing horse and V-billeting system with webbing that allows for alternate positioning.

Although stamped 17.5, this saddle measures more like an 18.5! Perfect for someone needing just a little more room in the saddle. Also, this saddle comes with a narrow seat.

$2000 shipped within the contiguous US